Ok, Travis back with the answer to today's Tampa tourism trivia question!  Remember we had tickets to MOSI on the line here! 

Today's question was about the number of people who come to Hillsborough County each year, and how many are in each group.  The question was -

what is the average party size of the groups that come to Hillsborough County?  It was 3.39 in 2005, 3.33 in 2006 and 3.25 in 2007...can you tell me what it was in 2008? 

The answer is, the average party size for groups coming to the county is 3.35!  Did you get it right?  Whoever did, congrats on your tickets to MOSI!  Make sure you check out www.MOSI.org

Ok, that's it for Tampa tourism trivia for this week, but we'll be back next week with more trivia for you...and there will be more tickets to MOSI! 

And keep checking back for more information about great things to do in Tampa Bay!