Things to do in Tampa BayGameWorks, located in Tampa's historic Ybor City, hosted a Tampa Bay & Company Business by the Bay event last week, and I was extremely impressed with the result. GameWorks is a total entertainment experience where guests can eat, drink, party and play. They have a full-service restaurant, a high-energy bar with specialty drinks and more than 180 games for all ages.

Some co-workers and I headed over to GameWorks for the event, and wewere extremely pumped about being able to act like a kid again after a long day at the office. When we walked in, we were greeted by a wonderful buffet full of tasty finger foods like pot stickers, chicken wings, jalapeno poppers and spinach and artichoke dip. I have to admit that I went back for seconds... it was just too good. After some yummy food and a glass of wine, or two, we headed over to the game area. I beat my friend Josh Jones (who works for the SPORTS COMMISSION and bragged about his skills before the game, haha) at two games of air hockey. I have to say it was an unfair match-up, as I am the almighty queen of air hockey and so far I am undefeated. Then I played shooting games while others shot hoops and rode motorcycles. 

Back to the point of this blog, we all had a great time. Great food, great drinks and prices, very friendly staff and an exciting variety of games. This venue would be the ultimate choice for a unique offsite activity for any type of convention. Meeting delegates would enjoy the break away from the monotone general session, and it's also the perfect place to host a special reception or networking event. 

Thanks again to the accommodating staff at GameWorks and our Partnership department for hosting this awesome event. I will definitely go back to GameWorks for another evening of self-indulgence and kicking butt at air hockey (sorry Josh!).

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep checking back for more updates and cool tidbits in the Tampa Bay conventions world!