Hey there Tampa Bay.  Phil here and it's day 4 here in Prague...although you probably are getting this late.  It’s finally here.  First day of racing.  We woke up early, about 6am.  Took quick showers and headed down to breakfast...no need to search for where to eat...it's right here in the hotel.   

The big excitement for some of us is that we are finally getting to wear our USA uniforms.  Silly, maybe, but I’m pretty excited about them.  It’s funny how the good old Red, White and Blue can make you feel, especially in a foreign country and when it signifies your representation of home.

The team from Macau, China is staying in the Clarion Congress hotel with us...I guess if you're looking for where to stay, this would be the place.  They were wearing their uniforms at breakfast too.  Theirs are two tones of green.  The predominant one a medium shade and the lesser one sort of a lime green.  They look sharp.  Still not much interaction. . . I’m learning this is pretty serious business so game faces are totally on by everyone.

Before today there has been only about three topics discussed by all of us.  Dragon boating, Prague and Dragon boating.  Inside the Dragon boating topic the sub-topics have ranged from A to Z.  We’ve discussed the other athletes, workout routines, paddle techniques, steering strategy, starts, finishes, power series, weight distribution, other teams, personal phobias, … you name it. 

The Prague topic has centered around who’s seen what and where the best food and beer can be found.  As you might imagine, as the days have passed we are spending less time on the Prague topic and more on, . . .guess what Dragon boating.  We still have three topics now they are just:  Dragon boating, Dragon boating and Dragon boating.

It’s about 9:45am and the bus leaves at 10:00 so got to go for now.