Ok, we always provide you with the best things to do in Tampa Bay, so when this came across the computer screen, we just had to share.  This just in from the City of Tampa –

Welcome Iowa and South Carolina fans to Ybor City!  The 23rd Anniversary Outback Bowl Parade and Pep Rally will take place today (New Year’s Eve) from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.  The event includes a parade of high school bands and the two college bands followed by a pep rally on the corner of 14th Street and 7th Avenue.

On-street parking and public lot parking in the area will available until 1:00pm (firm).  Parking signs will be installed stating “No Parking After 1pm”. Cars must be removed by 1:00pm to avoid towing.  Pedestrian barricades will be installed starting at 1:30 pm on 7th Avenue from 14th St. to 20th St.  No on-street parking will be permitted between 20th St. and 26th St. 

7th Avenue from Nick Nuccio Parkway to 21st Street and north/south side streets from 6th Ave to Palm will be closed by 3:30pm, unless crowds call for an earlier closure. Westbound traffic on Palm will be allowed to turn south on 15th Street to utilize the Centro Ybor Valet and Palm Ave Garage. The event will end at approximately 8:30pm. The pedestrian barricades will be removed following the parade, and 7th Ave will be re-opened at 9:00pm unless crowds dictate otherwise. 

Event Staging   ……………………………………………..    1:30pm
Parade (on 7th Avenue from 20th to 14th Streets) ………  5:30pm
Pep Rally (Parking Lot at 14th Street and 7th Ave) ……..    7:00pm-8:30pm

Now, if that doesn’t sound like fun, then I don’t have anything else for ya!  Ybor City provides it all...if you are looking for places to eat or where to stay, then head on down.  Plus, they have some fo the best Tampa Bay Nightlife out there!  

In case you need it - for more street closure information, call Tampa Police Department.

See you all out there!