Well gang, I can officially say I am exhausted!  I have been cramming my brain here at the Annual E-Tourism Summit in San Francisco and I am beat.  Its a little past 11 pm PST and I am still up as my internal clock is all over the place.

Great conference I must say with regards to the line-up of guest speakers and presenters speaking on a wide variety of topics ranging from, effective email marketing strategies, to social networking trends in the travel industry.  It seems like I have my work cut out for me as far as coming back to the office and applying many if not all of the topics mentioned over the course of the last two days, but hey, its not like I have a life any, so who better for the job than me right!

Tomorrow should be the greatest day of my life as we are taking a road trip to the Google Headquarters for most of the day, so we will get to see the center of the internet universe over there and hopefully catch a glimpse what those guys have going on over there! 

Check my next few post in the coming weeks as I begin to put to practice some of the tools and techniques I picked up at these last two conference and as always feel free to drop me a line!