Hey gang!  Travis here with some Tampa Bay entertainment you have to come out to witness!  We do it every year, but this year's it's going to be amazing!  It's the Hospitality Olympics, which is just part of the activities for National Tourism Week in Tampa Bay! 

Here's the info you need to know -

What: Hospitality Olympics is just part of National Tourism Week (NTW), a week-long event which highlights the beneficial effects of tourism on Hillsborough County.  NTW also observes the organizations and individuals who support tourism throughout the Tampa Bay area.

When: Thursday, May 14, 2009: 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Registration: 3:30 p.m.; Games Begin: 4 p.m.; Awards Ceremony: 5 p.m.)

Where: The field at Raymond James Stadium, 4201 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. in Tampa.  Parking and entrance to the field will be accessible through Gate D (off of Tampa Bay Boulevard).

Tampa Bay & Company
Yellow Cab of Tampa
Crowne Plaza Tampa Westshore
Hyatt Regency Tampa
Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport
Doubletree Hotel Tampa Westshore
Quorum Hotel Tampa
Hampton Inn & Suites
InterContinental Tampa Hotel
Tampa Marriott Waterside
The Wine Exchange
Renaissance Tampa International Plaza
Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
Hilton Garden Inn Tampa North
The Columbia Restaurant
Embassy Suites Tampa Westshore
events by Amore
Jefferson High School
Tampa International Airport
A La Carte Pavilion
The Florida Aquarium
Busch Gardens
Red Rose Inn & Suites
Courtyard by Marriott Tampa Westshore/Airport

Water Waiter Relay
All five teammates begin at the starting line. The first person to run the course grabs a waiter tray at the start line and places three plastic cups on the tray. The player then proceeds through the course winding in and out of the cones. The player then must hold tray while balancing the three cups and fill the cups with water using the pitcher provided. The player then runs back in and out of the cones to the starting line to pour the water into an awaiting pitcher. The player then hands off the tray and glasses to the next team mate. All teammates must go through the course at least once. If after all five players have run the course and the pitcher is not filled with water, the race is repeated until the first team makes their water quota.  Any existing water on the tray cannot be dumped into the pitcher. Players may not hold the glasses on the tray with their free hand.

Toilet Paper Toss
This is a team event; there will be a four-person squad and one “catcher”. The squad will be given 12 rolls of toilet paper with each Olympian getting three rolls of toilet paper to toss over their shoulder to the catcher. The catcher must hold the pillow case and use that to catch the rolls – no hands!! The catcher must place both feet on the toilet seat without stepping off of it. If the catcher moves his/her feet outside the seat the team will be disqualified. The team with the most rolls in the pillow case wins. 

Tacky Tourist Trot – NEW GAME!
All 5 teammates begin at the start line. The first person in line goes to the other end and grabs 2 items from the suitcase, puts the items on, and then runs back to the start line to tag the next person to go.  The final teammate must run to the end, put the two items on, grab the suitcase and bring it back to the start line.  All the teammates will then remove all the items they were wearing and everything must go back into the suitcase.  The first team to get everything back into the suitcase wins.  All articles of clothing must be completely on. The shirts must be buttoned and the pants must be zipped up and buttoned.

Tampa Bay Football Challenge – Championship Game
Four team members will set up at the starting line with the fifth member at the end of the course.  The first team member at the starting line will run with a football ten yards before weaving through 5 cones.  You must run to the outside of each cone.  After completion of the cones the player will then high step through each of the six tires– you must complete each tire.  Next the player will throw the football to the team member at the end of the course who is standing 15 yards away – each player must be behind the throwing/ catching line.  The receiver must catch the pass, otherwise the passer will run to retrieve the ball and try the throw again.  There must be a successful pass/ catch prior to completion.  Next the receiver will run the football back to the starting line to hand off to the next team member.  The team member who just threw the ball will then catch (repeat). All five team members must complete the course before each team is finished.

And there you go.  So, make sure you come out to participate in this year's festivities...it's going to be a great time!  On a personal note, the Tampa Bay & Company team placed third two years ago, second last year, so this year we are going for the gold! 

See you out there.  Until then, keep checking back for more updates about great things to do in Tampa Bay, and other Tampa Bay area events.