So when I was out in San Francisco last month one of the sessions that we were at, was about this new start-up company based out of San Francisco called Off Beat Guides. I really do hate it when people come up with brilliant yet simple concepts that I couldnt think of first! 
Off Beat Guides: Plan Your Trip!Off Beat Guides is a really cool concept where you basically can build your own comprehensive guide book of the destination you are getting ready to visit. 

Very easy concept as all you really have to do is tell it where you are leaving from, where you are going to, hotel info, and the dates you travel. Once it populates your guide you have the option to sift through and decided which info is most importatnt to you regarding your trip. 

I took the liberty of creating one for my sister, as she has always wanted to come down for the annual Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival in January, and it turned out great! 

This is just another great tool to use in support of some of the maps and tools that you can use at the website. 

If you don't believe me as far as the simplicty goes, then visit the site and check it out for yourself! First person that responds to this post I will even build one for you and pay for it myself! If you happen to be visiting Tampa (hint hint), I would even be willing to give you the one I created for my sister!