Hey everyone!  Travis here with another series of Tampa Tourism trivia questions!  And...you guessed it.  More trivia questions means more giveaways.  This time we are giving away passes to the MOSI (that's the Museum of Science and Industry for those that aren't from Tampa). 

Like in the past, make sure you follow us on Twitter (www.VisitTampaBay.com/Twitter), and as soon as Jerm posts this question, be the first to reply with the correct response, and you'll be the recipient of two passes to MOSI. 

So, today we are talking jobs!  Job is a hot topic now...with unemployment rates continuing to climb, the tourism industry is doing what it can to maintain the jobs, and even increase them in some areas.  So, today's question is:

How many jobs are produced by the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Hillsborough County?  In other words, how many people are employeed by this industry in the County? 

Here's a hint, it went up from last year, but I won't tell you what last year's number was. 

Like I said, Jerm will be posting this question on the Twitter site in just a little bit, so be the first to answer it and make your plans to head over to MOSI!  They have a ton of stuff going on out there, so log on to their website and look around - www.MOSI.org

Check back here later today for the answer, and for more updates about great things to do in Tampa Bay!