Well tonight was the last night of sightseeing before tomorrow which is opening ceremonies and racing.  The host hotel was buzzing today but so was Prague.  This afternoon was the only day that team USA had off so we saw some members out and about Prague. 

At dinner tonight, we met some people from Dragon Boat Charlestson SC who were here to support their team member that made the USA team.  Kind of like the three members of Tampa who have a rooting section for them. 

Sterling came to Tampa for the Nationals in 06 and stayed at the Westin.  She is looking forward to booking again at the Westin and seeing us at Worlds.  Now that is what we like to hear!  Actually we have heard from many people that they would like to book rooms sooner than later so we need to start that soon. 

We have the rooms and rate but we have to get the internet process up and running with CVB Housing.  Holly and Lauren are fabulous so I know we will get this done very soon. Who would have known people want to book so soon!

Team Tampa Part I will be hitting the course early to see where we can set up with Team Tampa Part II coming in the rears with tent and brochures to set up.  Yeah!  We get to sell Tampa tomorrow.  We have so much to offer and so many things to do in Tampa Bay.  Good course, close to the venue from hotels, wonderful Tampa Bay entertainment, and great destination.  Not to mention the awesome Tampa Bay weather!  I love my job! 

So we will have breakfast, pack our 9 boxes and get ready to hit the course.  Opening ceremonies at noon.

A personal aside, I haven’t hit the gym while being here but I walked back and forth to Old Town Square today three times.  Okay, I mean Starometske Namesti.  Tomorrow I will provide more of my favorite Czech words.  Keep using French, Spanish and German words.  Like they really know what I am saying anyway!

It is just hard to count money when our dollar is 17 to 1.  You think 1100 is big but not really!  Okay that is tomorrow’s story.  Good night.