TravelMuse: Tampa Bay ToursI was recently forwarded a link to this travel website someone wanted me to look at, and low and behold who was on the home page...?  You guessed it people...TAMPA/ST.PETE!!!  I swear it just seems like we are all over the place here lately with new updates and accolades.

Travel Muse is a fairly new and very engaging travel planning site.  While still in its early beta stages, I found a lot of useful tools for planning a trip to Tampa for your family getaway, or that girlfriend getaway you've been planning for so long. The Travel Muse Inspiration Finder was a nifty little tool to help you define where is the best suited place for you to visit by defining your budget, preferred flight time, departing airport, and time of year to help you find that perfect trip. If you don't want to take my word for it, here are a few other things on the site that will peak your interests:
  • Invite friends to connect and collaborate on Trips in the TravelMuse Planner.
  • Organize schedules and build day-day plans for each trip.
  • Create Trips for all the places you want to visit and save research-stop e-mailing links and manage all your cool travel pages in the TravelMuse Planner.
  • Participate in the TravelMuse community: rate and comment on articles, hotels, restaurants and points of interest.
They did an awesome write up on Tampa/St.Pete so check it out when you get a chance.  All in all this site gets a thumbs up from Jerm, and no that is not because I am biased... (okay maybe a little), but you should still go and check this one out and let me know what you think!