Hey there Tampa Bay.  Christine here with today's update from the World Dragon Boat Championship from Prague!  Today will be fun racing – 200m, which are over in a blink of an eye so we’ll get some good footage up later today.
But this afternoon we will be going to the Hotel Duo to practice our presentation for tomorrow morning with the international congress.  We are so very confident in ourselves, our City and our support!  We’re really expecting to have a productive Q&A session after our presentation, but what I’m looking forward to as well will be the presentation of the Iran bid for 2013.
Everything has been going extremely smoothly over here, which is kind of scary!  But I had to share a story with everyone, that's all about experiencing new cultures...and this one is with the Iran team.  As a woman, I’m not allowed to offer my hand to an Iranian man, nor would he ask for my hand.  Woman to woman, we shake hands, which they seem very eager to do with me. 

But when Kevin and I went up to the Iran Team coach, and another guy that I believe will be representing them at Congress, Kevin introduced me and I think I might have felt absolutely invisible for the first time in my life.  They slightly acknowledged that he introduced me, but then they immediately went back to Kevin and slightly turned their back my way. 

It was very interesting.  Sometimes when the men come to our booth, they don’t want Terri or I to talk to them.  We certainly did not try to put beads on them!  But, overall they seem interested and we have tried to share with them that we want them to come, we are going to do everything we can to try to make sure that happens, and that we hope they will be there.  We will have to send an invitation letter to them when we get home so they can start working on getting visas.  They know it will take them a long time, so they want to get that letter as soon as possible.
But, we are excited to host everyone in Tampa Bay.  We have so many cool things to offer...Tampa Bay hotels, things to do in Tampa Bay...Tampa Bay entertainment...we have the best in the world. 

Ok, out to head for the course...more later. 
Ciao for now!