Hey Tampa Bay, Alex here.. Anyone need a night out on the town or a good laugh? If so, you should check out MISS ABIGAIL’S GUIDE TO DATING, MATING, AND MARRIAGE showing at Jaeb Theate June9- July 3, 2010.

In this brand new, laugh-out-loud comedy, MISS ABIGAIL’S GUIDE TO DATING, MATING, AND MARRIAGE, you’ll learn how to find and keep your perfect mate by listening to relationship guru Miss Abigail’s classic romance advice from yesteryear. It’s like Late Nite Catechism, but about love!

During this 90-minute comedy, Miss A. will teach you how to have the perfect kiss, what you should (and should not) talk about on a date, and how to let a man think he wears the pants.

Whether you’ve been married for decades or your deepest relationship is with your dog, grab your date, your mate (or even your ex!) and come to MISS ABIGAIL’S GUIDE TO DATING, MATING AND MARRIAGE. You’ll be laughing about love all night long. That’s the Miss Abigail guarantee!

You can check out this show on Tuesday- Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday at 4p.m

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