Hey everyone!  Travis here with some cool Tampa Bay entertainment news!  In case you haven't heard, MOSI has an awesome new exhibit that hit the floor recently.  It's Mindbender Mansion!

Guests will be required to think outside the box when they enter this new exhibit!  Now, usually I attend these things before I write about them, but from what I heard, I don't need to be there to know this is going to be cool. 

Don't worry, it runs through January 3, so you have some time to plan your trip. 

Visitors must use logical reasoning, mathematics and physical science in order to solve puzzles within the mansion that yield clues needed to unlock the Wall of Fame Vault, which determines if they can join the Mindbender Society.

Each room includes animated videos of real-life inventors and problem solvers. Mindbender Mansion includes 40 individual brainteasers as well as five group activities.

the cost is $23.95 for adults, $21.95 for seniors, and $19.95 for children. Oh, and MOSI members are $3 each.

Just head over to www.MOSI.org to get more details!  And keep checking back here for more great things to do in Tampa Bay, and other Tampa Bay area events.