Mise En Place: Things to Do in Tampa BayGooood day readers! Reju here, with yet another dining experience to share. This time I dined at Mise En Place (pronounced Meez-ahn-plahs), a gourmet restaurant that serves modern American food.

Right off the bat you might be thinking, " Modern Gourmet Food probably means I'll have to sell my Olympic Gold medal to pay for dinner". Well that's what I thought initially, but then I discovered two facts. One was that after looking up their menus' online, I found them to be well priced around $20 a person (I mean including wine, entree, and dessert anyone?), which is actually a lot cheaper than I expected.
The second was that I wasn't an Olympic Gold medalist.

Contrary to some restaurants, the outside was understated and the inside was very tastefully designed, hinting to their birth with catering starting back in 1986 and their pride in being independently owned. In the words of Q from James Bond, "Better be smarter than you look than look smarter than you are".

VisitTampaBay: Food & WineOnto the food, which start to finish embodied satisfaction over gluttony. The portions were just right and my Chicken and Ravioli was singular in taste. Every main component of the dish (Chicken, Ravioli and sauce) held it's own flavor while complimenting the others. I didn't talk through the meal and that's how you know it's good.

But enough of me rambling on about it. It's not a $5 Footlong or a $100 a plate dinner with gold-leaf chicken. It's a great restaurant, famous for its food & catering, all around the bay, so if your here, check it out.

When your done impressing your friends and family with your impressive choice in restaurants, come back here and let me know what you had and how you liked it. 

p.s. Be sure to tell Mary Ann I said hello!