Hi everyone, Jerm back for the second time this week with an update about a new feature on our website.

If you have ever been to our website and checked out the endless amount of Tampa Bay dining options that we offer, you may have wanted to try and book reservations so that you don't have to wait to be seated once you get to the place. Well as always Jerm has taken care of you and you don't have to wait anymore thanks to our new friends over at Open Table.

Powered by Open Table on Visit Tampa BayTake a look at our dining options and if you see the logo off to the left, then feel free to click that bad boy and off you are making your plans for dinner or drinks that evening. Keep in mind though that not all of our listings will have the option to make the reservation, as the restaurant has to be a partner with open table as well. There are about 25 or so partners with the open table capability so be sure to check out this new feature and start making those reservations!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more things to do in Tampa Bay and keep checking back.