Hey guys-- Jessica here, presenting you with more great news about Tampa Bay Entertainment... so get excited!  Darren Romeo, aka "The Voice of Magic", is back at Tampa Busch Gardens!!! This young entertainer is a Seigfried & Roy protege and winner of "Magician of the Year", "Entertainer of the Year", and "Show of the Year"!  He will be performing as many as SIX nights a week throughout this summer.Darren Romeo

As part of Busch Garden's "Summer Nights" (which I told you about before), Mr. Romeo will be playing to packed houses all summer long.  Fans of all ages will be joining as his magnifying performance lights up the stage in the Moroccan Palace Theater at least twice nightly (except on Wednesdays).

As you know, Busch Gardens is honoring their golden anniversary this summer and we are lucky enough to have Darren Romeo taking part in the celebration.  And here's a great deal... show admission is included with admission to the park (what a great bonus to one of the most exciting Tampa Florida attractions!)

For additional information about the great Darren Romeo visit <www.darrenromeo.com> and more information about Busch Gardens "Summer Nights" visit <www.buschgardens.com>

Hope to see you there!  Stay tuned for more Tampa tourism and don't forget to check back for more great Tampa Bay Area events!