Firstly, Kudos to fellow blogger 'Jerm' for the title on this one.

Now the christening of the Title by Jerm was preceded by a little info on
an event in Tampa Bay the likes of which I’ve only rarely come across, and no, it’s not just a light show. It’s a huge compilation of award winning artists, and art installations that emphasize technology and education, from all over the world. This is a biennial event and this time around it starts on January 10th, 2009, and goes on till February 2nd, 2009, charging up Super Bowl fans.

Lights on Tampa: Tampa Bay ToursThe installation locations include, “The Tampa Convention Center and Riverwalk, USF Park, Cotanchobee Park, and Fort Brooke Parking Garage. Community members, and visitors will celebrate the opening of Lights On Tampa 2009 through a pedestrian-friendly public event in order to experience each of the destinations.” The show is dedicated to giving everyone a “multi-sensory experience” with interactive experiences including ‘Shared Virtual Experiences’ like a Cell-phone engagement and podcasts.If your looking for some quick general info, go to

Come January, I predict a possible overall rise in blood-pressure around Tampa, with football fans practically foaming at the mouth, men giving coats to shivering women, and of course breaking of New Year resolutions! Well no matter what your condition or schedule, make sure you check out every single exhibit at Lights on Tampa Bay.

Mark your calendar and put your mothers’ picture next to it, cus this baby is not gonna be delivered again for another two years. So I, will see you there!