Tampa Bay Lightning All In
Hey there folks! Jerm proudly with another update on our Tampa Bay Lightning! Fresh off of a super awesome comeback in the series vs the Pittsburgh Penguins, our Tampa Bay Lightning kick-off round 2 vs the Washington Capitals tonight at 7pm in DC!

I expect you all to head out to your local bars etc for watch parties and showing support for the home town team!

Here is a list of some of the official Tampa Bay Lightning watch party spots:
There are plenty of locations for you all around the bay area to watch the game, so be sure to get out and show that support for the Bolts!

Now today tickets also go on sale today for the Lightning home games in this series, so if I were you, I would be ready willing and able to snap those up as soon as the green light is given here today around 10 a.m. which would be any moment now! It's gonna be a great series folks, and hopefully by the time the Lightning get back to the St. Pete Times Forum, they'll be up 2-0!