Tampa Bay EntertainmentIn case you hadn't heard...we have a Super Bowl in Tampa Bay this year,  As we draw closer to the big game in February, many of you may be wondering where to go for travel related info such as hotels, attractions, stadium info etc.

Well wait no longer! Jerm just created a little page on the Tampa Bay&Company website to help you get around during all the fun such that is guaranteed to be going on while you are here.

Leading up to the event I'll be adding and removing info to the site as relevant events pop up, but in the mean time feel free to check it out and get the skinny on what all this destination has to offer when you are not at the game or the numerous parties!

And of course you know I had to throw my favorite thing in there...MAPS, MAPS, MAPS. Well, its not quite up yet, but as we draw closer I will be sure to add maps to the page so you can know where the heck you are going.

That's it for today, so be sure to keep checking the page for new updates surrounding the game!