Wow...that was fast!  It seems like only yesterday I was overloading your brain to all of the latest July Things to Do in Tampa Bay things to do in Tampa Bay for the June issue of the Tampa Bay & Company monthly e-Newsletter.  I guess at the ripe old age of 27, the days are going by faster and here we are a month later as we approach the 4th of July and in case you haven't already heard, Tampa Bay is the hot spot for your holiday fireworks shows and more! 

If my word isn't quite good enough for you, here are some of the highlights for the July Edition:

As always, feel free to make me proud and request your own version of the Tampa Bay Traveler.  I'll be out and about on the 4th this year, so if your looking for a fun  spot to be at, be sure to drop a line and let me know. 

p.s. If you just happen to be cooler than me (which I highly doubt) and know of someplace else to be on the 4th, by all means share the wealth!