Hello all, Jerm here with a little update for you, for those of you that are interested in some of my many travels around this great country of ours.

As the Interactive Marketing Specialist here at Tampa Bay & Company, I am charged with staying on top of all of the latest Internet & technology trends, in particular here in our beloved Hospitality & Tourism Industry. One of many ways that I do that is to go out and attend conferences and meetings with our industry/technology partners.

This April I will be heading out to Tucson, Arizona for the Annual Simpleview User Summit! For those of you that did or did not know, Simpleview Inc. is the web development agency that powers the Tampa Bay & Company website. They have well over 125 CVB/DMO clients all over the country that they work with, and each year they host this annual conference to discuss a host of items web and marketing related.

It's easily one of my favorite events to go to each year, as I always come back with a good amount of knowledge, as well as relaxed, because the event is always held at a resort. Did I mention that I love my job? This year's event will be held at the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Resort, which I am sure is going to be awesome! I know its not the type of Tampa Bay meetings your used to hearing us talk about, but its always good to see and experience another destination.

My bags are already packed for this one, and I will of course be Tweeting while I am there. Hopefully I will bring back tons of good info for you guys that will make our website etc, that much more awesome!

That's if for now, but stay tuned in form more updates from your Tampa Bay team!