We recently got a chance to get out of the office and go and check out Lowry Park Zoo, this past Tuesday. I must admit that it is really sad that I haven't been out there before and have lived in Tampa for seven years now, as I didn't know what I was missing.

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo: Tampa Florida AttractionsLowry Park is a pretty sweet place, never really realized how big the place was and how much they have to offer. Since we were in the midst of the Rays being in the World Series, it only made sense that we stop by "Sting Ray Bay" and see what the this town's other Rays were up to. There was actually a group of elementary kids there as the stingrays are very friendly and allow you to touch and feed them. 

Right across the way were two Southern Bald Eagles, and I believe we had just caught them having breakfast as one of them one was feasting on a small mouse. Beautiful birds, and it was also good to see that I actually did have more hair than someone else! Wow that really was a cheesy joke...

It was on to the manatee area, which was really anxious to see, because I had never seen one before...yes I know I live in Florida, but we should all know by now that Jerm does not get out much. Amazing creatures these west Indian manatees are and they are so gentle. I didn't realize how large they actually were, as they are like tiny little mini-whales. These awesome creatures are often the victims of injuries in the wild and need be cared for, which is the reason Lowry Park Zoo also houses the David A. Straz Jr. Manatee hospital that opened in 1991 where they house and treat injured manatees.

Lowry Park Zoo Meerkat ExhibitI could go on for hours about my adventures at LPZ, but I especially want to make note and send a big shout out to my boy "Boris the Giraffe." I had the opportunity to meet Boris and his family and even hand feed them crackers! Watch out though as boris is a bit of a cracker hog and will try and lick your arm off. If you make it around to the Afirca portion of the park be sure to stop by the penguin tank and get some pictures, and of course my favorite area of the entire park... THE MEERKATS!!! 

Jerm is a big fan of the Discovery Channel's Meerkat Manor, so I was delighted to see these little guys up close and personal. We were were lucky enough to catch them out and about wrestling and throwing dirt in each others face...such active little creatures they are! 

In closing, I think you get the point, as I left out allot of my day just to stop your eyes from glazing over as I ramble on, but I invite you to go out and experience it for yourself. I wanted to, but didn't get the chance to ride a camel so I need someone to do it and come back and tell me all about it!