Wow, it's been a crazy week or so here at the office, or actually out of it as I was at the Exact Target user conference last week in Indianapolis.  For three days all of my nerdy friends in the industry were all in one place discussing topics ranging from IPhone Apps, one to one email marketing communications, and even sms messages. (text messaging) 

The plan is to come with with more exciting ways to make you aware of all of the great things happening here in Tampa Bay from an interactive standpoint in the form of email newsletters, text message offers and coupons.  The conference was indeed filled with great sessions and speakers, highlighted by former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Tony Dungy as he spoke about the importance of family and spoke about his new book, as well as the All Pro Dad organization.

I am back on the road this week in San Francisco for the E-Tourism Summit, to visit with more of my nerd friends in the industry as we discuss all of the trends in Travel & Tourism.  This is the conference that is largely responsible for the  post that you are reading as last year's focus was on blogging! 

Looking forward to it though, so check back next week to see what I picked up while out there in San Fran!