Whats up everybody! Jerm here to give you your trivia fix for the week, and boy is this a big prize that we have on the line for you today!

Jamie Foxx and the Blame It Tour will be descending upon the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center this coming Monday and your boy Jerm has the hook-up for tickets! As always though, you got to do a little bit of work to get the tickets, in the form of playing our pseudo famous trivia games! I love you guys, but I have to make it just a bit more difficult this time, as I had to search deep to get this group of trivia questions.

Here are the rules again, just in case you forgot...1 - You have to be following us on Twitter.com (www.VisitTampaBay.com/Twitter); 2- Answer two questions about Jamie Foxx  3 - You have to re-tweet the original tweet in order to be eligible to win (a lot of people forget this one, so make sure you re-tweet separately); and 4 - You have to answer the question on Twitter and be the first to do so. Pretty simple huh! And sorry guys, but if you have won the contest within the last 30 days, you are not eligible to win this contest, but feel free to play along and post the answer if you wish.

Okay enough babble, here are the questions!
  1. Although he is professionally known as Jamie Foxx, what is this Academy Award winning Grammy nominated actor's birth name?
  2. His second musical album, released in December 0f 2005 sold 598,000 copies in its first week and 200,000 in its second week. What was the title of that album?
Now get to answering people! I will be announcing the winners today around 6pm so stay tuned to see if you won. If you don't win though, keep in mind that tickets are still available so go online and purchase!

Stay tuned for more updates on Tampa Bay area events and things to do in Tampa Bay!