Hey everyone!  Travis back with today's Tampa tourism trivia question!  Don't forget that the winners get two passes to head out and enjoy MOSI in North Tampa, which is one of my favorite places in all of Tampa Bay! 

Ok, so it's not really party time, but we are talking party size!  We all know that millions of people come to Hillsborough County each and every year to enjoy everything from Tampa entertainment to the beautiful Tampa Bay weather!  And we all know that these people come in groups...but, and here is today's question -

what is the average party size of the groups that come to Hillsborough County? 

It was 3.39 in 2005, 3.33 in 2006 and 3.25 in 2007...can you tell me what it was in 2008? 

Don't forget that Jerm will be posting this question on our Twitter page in just a little bit, www.VisitTampaBay.com/Twitter, so head over, keep and eye out, and be the first to respond with the correct answer and you'll be heading over to MOSI. 

I'll post the answer in just a bit, so come on back and see if you got it right?  Plus, we'll be posting information on great things to do in Tampa Bay, so we'll see you back in a little bit.