Hello gang, jerm here and wanted to give you an update about where I will be on this lovely Thursday Tampa evening! It seems I have been frequenting MacDintons allot, and tonight will be no different, and why do you ask?

Tampa Bay nightlifeThats right, because its Karaoke night! From 9pm to 2am tonight come out to MacDintons and let us all see your inner American Idol, or outer American Idol if you prefer. I for sure will not be getting up and showcasing how little talent that I actually do have, but that doesnt mean that you have to be a coward liek me.

If you don't want to come out and sing, at least come out for the $2 Miller Lite - drafts 14oz and $4 Jack D specials. As always, anytime you are at MacDinton's you should try the food as it doesn't really get much better.

I will be there tonight doing a few live Twitter Tweets, in-between stuffing my face with chilli fries, watching the Tampa Bay Lightning game while trying to convince myself that I am still on a diet...good luck with that one jerm.

Be on the lookout for Jerm, as I will be the guy with chilli all over my shirt, and stay tuned for things to do in Tampa Bay.