Hello out there to all of my peeps! Jerm here to give away some tickets for Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage debuting tonight at the David A Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts!

Now if you read my blog post from Monday, I did promise to do this giveaway yesterday, so please forgive me for that. Had a bit of an allergy/sinus issue that kept me out of the office yesterday, so again one thousand apologies for that. Onward to today's giveaway though!

Miss Abigail at the Straz Center...Since I woke-up on the right side of the bed this morning, that puts Jerm in a good mood and when Jerm is in a good mood, the tickets are a flowin! So having said that  I will be giving away two sets of ticket to tomorrow night and Friday's shows!

On to the giveaway now! Here is a refresher on the way the contest will work, as remember, we have changed things up a bit from the original format. Instead of re-tweeting, just answer the question on Twitter. Once you do that you will be entered in to win, as we will randomly draw. For those of you who choose to re-tweet, it does indeed increase your chances of winning.

I will draw names from the first 10 correct answers, so make sure you get it right! Around 530 I will TwitVid the name of the winner! Let's not waste any time and hop right into it!

So here are the rules again, just in case you forgot...
  • You have to be following us on Twitter...
  • Answer 2 questions about Miss Abigail...
  1. What is Miss Abigail's day job?
  2. Name this "high profile" publication that Miss Abigail writes a weekly column for?
Okay folks there you have it, your arts and culture in Tampa Bay trivia giveaway for the day! Get to answering and I will announce the winners today around 530pm! Until then check back all day long for more updates from Jerm and the rest of your Tampa Bay team of blog folk!