Wild Wonderland at Tampa's Lowry Park ZooHey there folks, happy holidays once again from all of us here and we truly hope this blog post finds you well and full of holiday cheer after the festivities last week! As promised in my last post, it is indeed giveaway time!

If you didn't get a chance to come out to the festivities out at one of our favorite Tampa Florida attractions, Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo and Wild Wonderland, then have no fear, as the event is still going on until December 30!

Santa and Mrs. Claus may have headed back to the North Pole already, but they decided to let the reindeer stay here with us for a little while longer, and he plans to send for them next week! That means you still get to see Rudolph, prancer, dancer and the rest of the gang for a few more days!

In addition to the reindeer, you also have a chance to see the Little People Holiday Show which is special for this week only! Today you will be playing for two... yes I said it two 4-packs of tickets valid THIS WEEK ONLY! So enough of me yapping, lets get right to it!!

As always, here is a refresher on the way the giveaway will work. Instead of re-tweeting, just answer the question(s) on Twitter. If you are reading this on Facebook, just simply answer the question by making a comment to the Facebook post. Answers placed in the comments section of this blog will not count.

Once you do that you will be entered in to win, as we will randomly draw one name total, and that person will have two tickets to this awesome event! For those of you playing on Twitter and who choose to re-tweet, it does indeed increase your chances of winning.
  1. True or False: In Reindeer, both genders male and female grow antlers, though these are larger in the males and there are a few populations where females lack them completely.
  2. Where is the Little People Holiday Show being held at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo?
  3. Name one of the shows and displays going on at Wild Wonderland?
Okay guys, that's it for now, but the contest is on, so get me these answers and follow the instructions above on how to enter and win!

That's it for now, but be sure to stay tuned in for more info on Wild Wonderland related things to do in Tampa Bay!