Greetings to all my AOPA peeps in town for the 2009 AOPA Aviation Summit which kicked off today at the Tampa Convention Center and Peter O. Knight Airport! Let me be the first to say that Tampa is grateful to have you guys here, and even more grateful to watch you spend your money in our community! Pardon me, that's just a little economic development humor!

We truly hope that today is the first day of what will be a Summit chock full of new experiences, events, education, and opportunities for all!

To make it just a bit more interesting, Jerm (That's me) is going to do one of his Twitter famous giveaways today especially for you! Yes I know what you are thinking... and yes it is very thoughtful of me and no other city has done this for you before, but hey, that's what we're about here in Tampa, creating memorable experiences for all of our attendees!

Now normally these giveaways are just trivia where I ask questions here on this blog and then ask for you to answer them on Twitter. But today I am in a creative mood, so we are gonna switch it up a bit, but first let me tell you what you are playing for!

I just happen to have some tickets with me to three of our awesome Tampa Florida attractions for the Florida Aquarium, Lowry Park Zoo, and Big Cat Rescue, and I am in the giving mood! Three lucky AOPA attendees or even exhibitors will be the lucky recipients of my new found generosity (two tickets for each)!

All you have to do is be paying attention to the crowd's at either Peter O. Knight Airport, of the Convention Center for a strapping 6'0 guy wearing a black and white striped polo, khaki pants with an IPhone in his hand!

Once I get on sight, at either the airport or convention center, I'll tweet my location and the games will begin! To win, just run up to me (don't run actually), show me your attendee or exhibitor badge, and say "Tampa is Awesome" and you have your pick of the three prizes!  How sweet is that!

Its just that simple folks, so be on the lookout for me as I'll be there sometime between 1130 and 130 pm today! Okay, now stop reading this blog and pay attention to the session that your in and I will see you guys later!

p.s. be sure to be following us on Twitter at @VisitTampaBay.