Jerm is back on the scene here with another update for you. Well its not actually an update, its more like me asking a favor of my favorite group of Visit Tampa Bay blog fans!

You know I always strive to bring you the best in things to do in Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay entertainment, or the hottest goings on in Ybor City! Lately, I have been thinking allot about our website and how people navigate through it and find the information that they need. Jerm wants to make sure that he is doing everything that he needs to be doing to make sure that we have all the features you would like to see, so I am going to need your help! 

It doesnt require much of you though so don't worry. Just go to our website as you normally would and look around and plan your vacation. While doing that, do me a favor and take note of anything that you don't like, think can be done better, or that you just would like to see on the site. You can either reply to this post and let me know, or you can fill out the survey that I am in the process of creating and should have up by tomorrow afternoon. 

Don't be shy at all, just log on, give things a quick look-see and get back at me with comments and such.
I'll post another update tomorrow so be on the lookout!