Just a quick update here gang on a new site that I want you to check out if you are looking to find out abouts the arts and culture scene here in Tampa Bay. We have partnered with our friends over at the Arts Council of Hillsborough County to put this site together. 
Visit www.TampaBayArts.org to plan your vacation around, or just get the beat on what all we have to offer here in Tampa Bay. 

This site has a list of monthly updates, contacts, and a list of all of the places in Hillsborough County where you can get your art and culture on! From museums to theatres, you can be sure to find it here. 

Lastly, while I normally jump at the opporunity to hog all of the credit for cool stuff, I want to say thanks to LeeAnn and Michael over at TBPAC for putting this site together and really doing the hard work...thanks guys!