Tampa Bay Area Events: Grand Hyatt Tampa BaySo, now that all of you loyal readers have seen the latest and greatest events and news, it’s time you find out a little bit more about Tampa Bay & Company.  Yes, it’s true that we lead the effort in economic development through tourism in Hillsborough County (and it’s a mighty fine tagline if I do say so myself).  And yes, it’s true that we bring in millions and millions of visitors each year that spend billions of dollars in our community. 

But, did you know that we have more than 700 community partners that work with us to achieve these goals???!!!  By working with them, we are able to do all of the great things that we do.  Well, in an effort to help each of our clients network (not to mention the general business industry in Tampa Bay), we hold Business by the Bay every month at a different partner location. 

Well, hang on to your fishing poles because this month it’s at Oystercatchers at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, one of Tampa’s finest hotels.  Here you’ll be able to network with some of the finest professional in Tampa Bay, including folks from attractions, sports venues, golf courses, hotels, restaurants and a ton more.  Truly just a Tampa Bay tour of local professionals. 

Simply just log on to www.VisitTampaBay.com/Meetings to register for this month’s event.  It’s happening next week on Thursday, August 21. 

If you are able to make it, let me know what you thought…or if you have another idea for a great networking event, or just want to throw your two cents in about our Company, drop a line!