Hello there all, Jerm here and I think you guys know what time it is... IT'S TRIVIA TIME!!! Yup you heard that right and I am in the mood to giveaway some free tickets to some awesome Tampa Bay area events this week!

What events you ask? Oh well let me tell you! If you haven't already heard, this Friday - Sunday, "Cats" will be playing at the David A Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts this weekend!

I can't think of a better way to introduce your loved ones to the wonders of live theater than with the magic, the mystery, the memory of CATS. Winner of seven Tony Awards including Best Musical, CATS features 20 of Andrew Lloyd Webber's timeless melodies, including the hit song, "Memory." And now residents of Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas will have the chance to experience this magnificent show!

Here is a refresher on the way the giveaway will work. Instead of re-tweeting, just answer the question(s) on Twitter. Once you do that you will be entered in to win, as we will randomly draw two names. For those of you playing on Twitter and who choose to re-tweet, it does indeed increase your chances of winning.

I draw names from the first 10 correct answers, so make sure you get the correct answer to play! Around 6pm, I will announce the winners!

Let's hop right into it! All I need you to do is answer three questions about the Cats. I promise I won't try and stump you today so don't worry:
  1. Cats is the largest single generator of ___________ in Broadway History?
  2. Cats has been translated into how many languages?
  3. Since its opening, Cats has been presented in how many countries?
Okay guys, I think I am going to stump most of you with these questions, but I invite you to prove me wrong! That's all for now, but stay tuned later this afternoon as I announce the winner.

Stay tuned in for more updates on arts and culture in Tampa Bay from Jerm and the rest of the crew!