Okay guys, Jerm is here with a very important and cool update for you guys! It’s October and you know what that means! Yup its time for the annual Busch Garden’s Howl-O-Scream!


If you havent already been out there, then you had better get your tickets and let Ms. Vayne and her crew scaring the living crap out of you! She definitely scared me when I went out there last week and met her. I must say that even though she creeped me out, she is a bit of a looker... grrr!


Oh well, enough of that, lets get to the point of this blog post. Being my typical awesome self, I’ve been working with the gang over at BG and we are going to be doing the first ever bleed-up which is basically a tweet-up, but with blood.

Okay i am joking there won’t actually be any blood, but you get the point. Now in order to play the contest associated with the Bleedup, you need to go to Twitter and HOSinsider and get the clues! Since I am so cool and all, I actually have a clue for you though... click here to find out..

Stay tuned in though for more updates on things to do in Tampa Bay and updates from all of our Tampa Florida attractions!