Hey gang...Travis back with the answer to today's Tampa tourism trivia question.  Remember that two tickets to The Florida Aquarium are on the line each day this week. 

Today's question was: which is the most popular mode of travel to Tampa...auto or air?

It's as simple as that?  But did you get it right?  The answer is Auto!  More and more people are driving to Tampa Bay! 

If you did, and you were the first to respond when it was posted to the Twitter board, then enjoy your tickets to The Florida Aquarium.  If you didn't get it right...that's ok because we'll be back tomorrow.  And if you aren't following us on Twitter (www.VisitTampaBay.com/Twitter), then shame on you! 

Until tomorrow, start tuning up on your Tampa tourism trivia knowledge.  And keep checking back for great things to do in Tampa Bay!