As photogenic as it is fun, the hip, urban heart of Florida's Gulf coast fills your feed with gorgeous scenery. We've narrowed the list to the most Insta-famous sites. Make your friends back home wish they were here.

Bayshore Boulevard

Walk, run, Rollerblade or bike along this iconic 4.5-mile path. With the bay on one side and mansions on the other, each step on the world’s longest continuous sidewalk provides a photo-op to impress. Pro-tip: go at sunrise or sunset to step up your Instagram game and soak in the beauty.



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Glazer Children’s Museum Mosaic

Kids or no kids, a picture of the mosaic covering the exterior of the Glazer Children’s Museum is an essential stop on any trip to Tampa Bay. The 80-foot spiral is made of tiles and fractured mirrored pieces. Take your mirror selfie to the next level or pose with the playful, colorful design as you channel your inner-child and express your creativity one photo at a time.



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Sparkman Wharf

While it holds an impressive collection of ancient and modern art, the Tampa Museum of Art is a work of art itself. The building's unique exterior that will make you take a picture before you even go inside. At night, the shifting lights of Leo Villareal's "Sky: Tampa" swirl with color and reflect in the Hillsborough River. 


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Tampa Postcard Mural

If you’ve done your research, you’ve likely seen pictures of this mural. We love it so much that we even created a shirt showcasing it! You can find it at Unlock Tampa Bay Visitors Center or online. Be super #extra and take a picture in front of the mural while showing off the shirt. No caption needed!


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Mandarin Heights

Armature Works does it all. From a public market filled with unique food and drink options to unobstructed views of the Hillsborough River, each experience is guaranteed photo-worthy. There’s even a photo backdrop complete with a hashtag to top off your post(s) about #armatureworks. This trendy Tampa Bay spot is an Instagram lovers DREAM.



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“Have A Nice Day” Mural

You definitely won’t need to tag your location in this one. This Instagrammable spot is just one of the many that can be found in Hyde Park Village. Strike a pose and then hit “post”!



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Plant Hall, University of Tampa

The minarets of landmark Plant Hall (formerly the Tampa Bay Hotel) glint in the sunlight and perfectly accompany every sunset. You can take the photo from the Tampa Riverwalk or get closer by going onto campus. Check out the Henry B. Plant Museum located inside Plant Hall to learn about what its history as the Tampa Bay Hotel. You could even take one of the many fun facts you’ll learn to make a caption for your picture!