Hey everyone!  Travis back with some information about some awesome Tampa Bay entertainment.  Our friend Tommy Duncan over at SticksofFire.com will be an insider at the Florida State Fair this year (including spending the night there).  Here's some info from his blog -

"In an attempt to get involved with social media, some folks at the fair thought it might be neat for a local blogger to come in and show everyone what goes on behind the scenes.  But I get the impression that they think bloggers are insane."

Well guess what folks...he decided to do it. 

So you can log on to his website (www.sticksoffire.com) and get the inside scoop in to the Florida State Fair.  He'll be doing everything there is to do, and you can even ask him questions, and he'll do his best to find the answers. 

So, make sure you log on now, read the rest of the Fair blog, and keep up with what's happening out there.  Trust me, this will be worth following! 

See you back here for more great things to do in Tampa Bay, and other Tampa Bay area events.