VisitTampaBay : Indigo Coffe Hey there blogophiles, Reju here! Today's blog might not interest some of you. Who you ask? Well if your like one of our other bloggers, who "never touches" coffee, (don't know what their missing), or like some of my friends, think energy drinks are better (yeah right), then you might not care to know about Tampa's own, "Indigo Coffee".

Now, now, I know what your thinking. Maybe your thinking:
"Down with the corporations maannnn"
"Blogger please, it's just another Starbucks"
"This is all helping nuclear arms development braah"
"You can't hug your kids with nuclear arms" (fyi : family guy pun)

Well let me tell you my picture of Indigo Coffee. I enter the cafe, and yes, it did look a fair bit like starbucks in my opinion. I look at the menu, and well, that kind of looked like starbucks also. Right about now my hopes for the 'brown delicious' are dwindling. So I go ahead and get my testing coffee, the short black, 'A shot of Espresso' with a little steamed milk. I added a little bit of brown sugar and tried it. Now I could be verbose, use a lot of adjectives, and cajole you into thinking this was just short of an elixer for eternal youth. Instead, this time I'd like to say,
"You really, just - gotta - try this" !

A bit of Q & A with the staff and I found out that the beans are not roasted as much as Starbucks beans are, which gives it a different and smoother flavor. It turns out that Indigo coffee stores are only in Tampa, and has been voted the best coffee in Tampa Bay by 'Creative Loafing Magazine' and in blind taste tests.

For more info visit their website,, try their coffee, let me know if you liked it, and if you were able to convert any coffee-phobes into coffe-philes. To Coffee...HOO-HAA!!!