Alright, alright, alright Phillies Phans, so you got the leg up on us in Game 1 last night!  We didnt have our "A" game last night but don't sleep on us for one minute, as I will remind you that the Red Sox also took the first game at the Trop and look how that worked out for them!
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Just for the sake of me getting through the work day, I will not pay attention to certain historical statistics that that say the team winning the first game has captured the Series 63 of 103 times. Instead,  I would rather focus on that stat that says the team with home-field advantage has taken 18 of the last 22 titles, so be on the lookout Philly Phans, it ain't over!

On the mound tonight for our AL East champs is James Shields, and believe me he is pumped for tonight, so I am going to make a prediction that we take tonights game and even up the series before we hop on a plane to Philly and take two more games!

Plenty of places to hunker down and catch the game tonight so if you can't make it out to Tropicana field, then check my previous blog post for a few bars and restaurants to watch the game and enjoy some food, fun, and baseball!