The Cupcake Spot

So on New Year's Day I was at the Outback Bowl pregame festivities across the street from Raymond James Stadium! If you were not out that day, it was probably a good thing, as it was a rare, soggy, rainy day here in Tampa Bay for the 2010 Outback Bowl

At the pregame hospitality tent, there were these cupcakes at the food tent that caught my eye. Now at first I was thinking... if you have had one cupcake, then you've had them all right? Yeah not really, as this was the most fantastical cupcake that I have ever tasted! Come to find out, they were from a spot not to far from where I live!

Jerm's Favorite... Berry Squared Cupcake!If you haven't been over to the Cupcake Spot, then I would suggest that you stop reading this post, get in your car, head down to 3225 S MacDill Ave. #103, and purchase a 1/2 dozen of the "Berry Squared" and another 1/2 dozen of the "Paint the Town Red Velvet."

It will be the best decision that you have ever made! I swear guys as I was eating that Berry Squared cupcake on Friday, I heard the angels singing...YES IT WAS THAT GOOD!

I would have taken a picture of it, but as you can imagine, it didn't last long enough for me to snap a pic! Whether you want individual cupcakes, or numerous cupcakes for large events like weddings or Tampa Bay meetings, they got you covered! Better order ahead though, as many days, due to popular demand they sell completely out of cupcakes! There is even a St. Petersburg location, so you can get some even if you live across the bridge!

I will be making plenty more trips to the Spot to sample the rest of the menu, and I think you should as well, provided that you share with me of course!

Well I had better go now, before I start having cupcake withdrawals and flashbacks! Stay tuned in for more updates on cupcake related things to do in Tampa Bay!