Okay guys here it is, its time for Jerm to give away some Howl-O-Scream tickets, so I hope you guys got your trivia hats on!

Now as I said yesterday, this is a pretty sweet prize we are giving away so to make it more interesting, I searched for the hardest trivia questions that I could find, so I actually don't think anyone will figure this one out! Today's winner will recieve a 4 - pack of tickets with front of the line fear passes, and tickets to fright feast!

Being the nice guy that I am though, I am going to tell you where to find all of these answers. See the trivia question below and answer the three questions by visiting the Howl-O-Scream website. If you haven't been there yet, its a cool little interactive website (after you view the YouTube video) with tons of facts about the Howl-O-Scream exhibits and some interesting facts about Ms. Vayne and her crew. Navigate around the site to find the questions.

Here are the rules, as we are going to switch up the format this time... If you have ever played trivia with us on Facebook then this format will be somewhat familiar to you are used to. 

I mentioned above where you can find the answers, and once you have found them, come back to this blog and leave your answers in the comments section, along with your first and last name. From there, we will take the first five with the correct answers and those names will be entered into a drawing where we will pull the name of the lucky winner. 

Okay guys here go the questions:
  1. As the youngest of Ms Vayne's crew of bloodsuckers, the adorable Anya hails what region of South Florida?
  2. Name one of two of the prized possessions that Ms. Vayne holds dear.
  3. This Don Juan like character, and the only male member of Ms. Vayne's crew has origins that go back to 16th Century Spain where he first met Ms Vayne at the coronation of what Spanish King?
Alright gang and that is pretty much it! As always I'll be announcing the lucky winner at 5 p.m. today with an additional blog post so be on the lookout for that!

Until, stayed tuned for more updates on things to do in Tampa Bay and keep checking back for more updates on all of these great Tampa Bay area events!