Hello Bulls fans, K-Mart here! Three wins in a row is not catching lightning in a bottle, it’s more like mad skills. The USF Bulls football players are working their magic once again.

Tampa Bay Sports: USF Bulls“Thank God it’s Friday,” were my first thoughts as I headed towards down Raymond James Stadium for the game. Seemingly everyone else in the tri-county area was heading to the game and our 3 mile drive took 45 minutes (Hint: if you go to a game, go early!). Luckily my friend/chauffer had a bubble wand to make the drive eventful. If that wasn’t enough driving entertainment  all I had to do was look out my window to see random green and gold youth leaning out of car windows circling the Bull sign and shouting “Wooooo!” all the way down Dale Mabry.

When we finally made it to the Ray Jay parking field, there was Bull pandemonium everywhere! There were painted guys, jerseyed girls and everything in between. Just about every 3rd car had a grill fired up in front it, every 4th car was blaring opposing music and every 5th car had a tent. Tables lined with red and blue plastic cups and hacky sack boards littered the field as far as I could see, and a feeling of excitement and hometown support had taken over.

USF Bulls QB Matt GrotheThe game started at 8 p.m. after a light rain shower (gotta love that unpredictable Florida weather). The game was “edge of your seat” material. We were down by 17 points in the second quarter. No one lost hope though, and our golden boy Grothe connected with A.J. Love and Taurus Johnson for 2 touchdowns and ran a 3rd in himself (34-20). Our nationally number 1 ranked defense spent all night kicking butt, yet somehow let our 14 point lead slip away in the 4th quarter (blinding flash of light that only the defense could see?? Hmm??). Neck and neck, our safety, Nate Allen, caught an interception and ran it back 40 yards. In the end our freshman kicker, Maikon Bonani, came through with a 43-yard field goal.

The crowds were pushing forward to storm the field, but the cops had brought reinforcements… their horses. Next time you’re in town, you have to check out a Bulls game. It is an unforgettable, must-see spectacle! 

Let me know if  you were at the game and leave me some Bulls love!