Holy flip flappin flugtag! Ladies and gents if you weren’t there, I’m sorry.  If you were there, then you know what I’m talking about and probably wish you were still there, I know I do.This was one of the coolest events I’ve been to in a long time.  

Red Bull Flug Tag: Visit Tampa Bay110,000 came out to experience Flugtag for themselves and their presence was felt. Thanks to all the loyal Tampanians, our city broke the USA record for Flugtag attendance!  But enough bragging, let me give you a little recap in case you weren’t able to make it.

Being from Tampa we are used to outdoor events that involve large crowds and crazy antics but I don’t think anyone in Tampa knew what they were in for with Flugtag.   As I said, in my last post, there was energy about the city in the days leading up to the event that you could feel.  We were excited, we were ready but we didn’t know what we were in for.

The gates opened at 11am, but hours before then, there was a frenzy of activity already brewing in the Bay.  There were boats as far as the eye could see and people were jammed packed in every direction you looked. Luckily, me and my crew decided to forgo the street crowds given that it was 90 degrees on Saturday and instead opted to experience the event on a boat.

We headed towards the Tampa Convention Center but didn’t get far as there were hundreds of boats that had been smarter than us and left the house earlier. Looking around it was easy to see that everyone was out to have a great time.  Liquid libations were in full effect as Tampa geared up for this once in a lifetime event.

Tampa Bay Sports: Red Bull FlugtagI had never seen Jackson’s Bistro so packed and being a frequent Friday night patron of Jackson’s, that’s saying a lot.  There was not an inch of cement without a rowdy Redbuller on it.  The DJ at Jackson's kept the music pumping and kept the crowd going until the event began.

Just minutes before 1pm we looked up into the sky to see 2 Redbull skydivers plummeting towards the water. It was thrilling and a bit scary as we had no idea when, where they were going to land. After they landed on the 30ft. launching pad, a roar of the crowd let out instantaneously. We knew this was going to be a great show.  

The first team and winners of the event Tampa Bay Watch came on deck and proceeded to perform a very well planned and skit we could sense they were going to take flight at any moment.   After a few more twirls from what looked like David Hasselhof himself the team got in back of their contraption and started running toward the edge of the platform they rand and pushed their hardest and launched one of their teammates 109 ft  away from the platform, the farthest distance of the day.  Boats were honking their horns, air horns were everywhere and congratulatory cheers were being had by everyone around us.

We watched more than 30 teams attempt to beat Team Tampa Bay Watch, but no one could get the distance.  We did however cheer and drank to all those who attempted.  At around 4 the event had ended, much to our dismay.  People were asking if we could do this every year?  I’m ready to do it every weekend!   You really missed out if you couldn’t make it but I’m sure you’ve heard by now.  Click below also to see pics from that day, or take a look at some YouTube Video from that day!

Got a Flugtag story for me?  Leave me a comment and tell me about it!