As we get ever so closer to the ACC Football Championship, those guys over at the Tampa Bay Sports Commission always manage to think up something new and creative. Leave it to me to find a fun game to play that will keep your attention for hours when you should be working...shame on you! Technically this is work for me so its no big deal.

Things to do in Tampa Bay: ACC Interactive Football GameThe game doesn't really have a title so we will just refer to it as ACC Football Game...catchy title right! Cool, game with a simple concept...just don't get tackled and make it to the end zone. Its pretty tricky though as the guys chasing after you are allot quicker than they let on to be.

The high score to beat is 267 yards at the moment and I can't seem to get over 132, so I challenge you all to beat that score! If you beat the high score then you can submit your info and be eligible for prizes.

Don't get too excited though as I have been playing for about a half hour now and can't seem to win anything! So hop on and prove you are better than jerm at this! Let me know what your high score ends up being.

p.s. Big shout out to the guys at Performix Marketing for putting such a sweet game together!