Retail Tampa BaySo, lets say for instance you came to Tampa on vacation or for a meeting and wanted to stop by our retail center in Channelside to pick up a few souvenir items. Ya know, so you can take something back to the family as a memento. Somehow, though you had a brainfart (as I often do) and realize that your plane is leaving in an hour and you have to hightail it to the airport!

Well have no fear... the online retail store is here! Today is the official launch of our retail store in an online format just for that occasion when you lose track of time, or just can't make it here and want some "Tampa Gear". Log on to our site at, and browse around our selection of apparel, merchandise, gift packages, and spa products and have a little piece of our great destination delivered to your door.

This selection of merchandise is hand picked from our physical retail center and is ready to supply you with Tampa Bay themed: playing cards, golf balls, plush toys, baby-wear, and other collectible items. We ship anywhere in the continental US, but at present will not be able to ship internationally.

We are all crazy excited to have gotten this one off the ground so thanks to the team around here for helping me put it together, and be sure to check it out and feel free to order away.