Hi everyone, I'm Christina.

Yes, I am Jerm's new intern, although rookie to the marketing world I happen to know enough about interactive media which is probably the 'main' reason I got this internship.

I landed on the shores of Tampa Bay in 2007, as an international transfer to The University of Tampa (Great college I must say!) from the American National College in Sri Lanka.

That's right, I'm from Sri Lanka... popularly known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean or as Ceylon. If you drink tea, eight times out of ten that tea is exported from my little island.

Why Tampa? The beautiful warm weather has to be my number one incentive. As an Aquanrian I need to be near the water and don't we have plenty of that. The bay, the beaches... absolute heaven. Tampa Bay's nightlife and UT tie for third but most often throw in some students and everyone's a happy camper.

As an Ad & PR major my interest skewed towards the digital aspect of the advertising world. From digital art to graphic design and strangely enough, online production aka web design. I can't express how much I enjoy sitting in front of a mac editing illustrations on Photoshop or InDesign. Thanks to this course I constructed my own website!

My online production course contributed immensely to my understanding of a website and provided me with sufficient insight as to how genius the interactive world really is.

It's only a matter of time till I start utilizing the said knowledge and continue learning more about interactive marketing.

Thank you Tampa Bay & Company for this opportunity... That's all for now and stay tuned for more things to do in Tampa Bay.