This won't be a long post, but it's something I definitely wanted to share.  

So, Forbes just came out with their list of worst cities to find a new job.  Well, there were a few cities throughout Florida on that list, but Tampa was NOT one of them! Here's the story, so take a look - Forbe's worst cities for jobs.   

Well, now that you've seen that story, let me tell you about another story that FOX13 did yesterday!  They came in and talked to us about this study, the tourism industry in Tampa and how important it is to the economy.  

Here's the FOX13 story!  

Supporting the tourism industry helps keep Tampa off of lists like this!  We'll be bringing you more information like this, as well as info about the tourism industry in Tampa Bay!  So, stay tuned!  

But don't worry, we'll still bring you the best Tampa Bay area events updates, as well as other things to do in Tampa Bay!  

Until next time, enjoy some of this Tampa Bay weather and have a happy Friday!