Okay so I know the title may be a bit misleading, but I couldn't think of a better way to start this one off!  Seeing as how times are rough economic wise and all I figured this would be an awesome site to share with my faithful readers.

Cost 2 Go: Drive to Tampa BaySo if you don't have the cash to fly for the holidays and want to take that road trip you have been planning since senior year of college and never got around to... then let me help you and your gas tank out. Cost 2 Drive is a  slick new trip planning tool that lets you calculate how much money you can expect to spend on gas when traveling.

Even though the price of gas has fallen in recent weeks, this would still be some good info to know. The Galculator as its called (get it... "gas calculator") is the tool that determines the mileage from your trip, make&model of your car, and current gas rates to. I really do wish I was smart enough to think of stuff like this!

So when you are drivign to Tampa, for to see that big event, like the Super Bowl, ACC Football Championship, or Gasparilla, be sure to give this site a look-see to plan your trip.