Golf Digest
Hey sports fans, exciting news in the October issue of Golf Digest magazine that featured the top 50 golf cities in the United States. A preview of the rankings, announcing the top 20 cities, was released. The city of Tampa is tied for 4th place on the list, alongside Los Angeles, and behind only Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Dallas/Fort Worth.

The top golf cities are selected based on five standards: climate (number of playable days), cost, number of public courses, quality of public courses and accessibility (number of active golfers versus number of courses). The lower a city’s average in the criterion, the higher it finished in the overall ranking.

For climate, Tampa averaged five. For cost, amount and quality of public courses, Tampa averaged 24, 19 and 22, respectively.  In regards to accessibility, Tampa averaged 32. Altogether, Tampa averaged 20.4, placing the city in the top five of the best golf cities in the U.S.That's it for now, but stay tuned in for more Tampa Bay sports news and updates!

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