Wow, the Tampa Bay & Company Convention Sales team has been hard at work! The team has racked up some amazing numbers since the start of the fiscal year in October 2007:
  • Generated more than 338,000 definite room nights (a 4.4% increase from 2007).
  • Secured 345 definite bookings for the Bay area.
  • Produced 1.9 million lead room nights (a 65.6% increase from 2007).
  • Conducted 134 sites and familiarization trips.

These numbers are outstanding! Without the help of community partners from local hotels, event facilities, attractions and restaurants, the Convention Sales team would not have been able to produce such amazing results. With so many different amenities to choose from, Tampa Bay is truly a prime destination for conventions and meetings, and it shows in the numbers!

Stay tuned for even more interesting tid-bits and updates from the Tampa Bay & Company sales team! Seacrest Out. :)